Advertising awards come in all shapes and sizes. I’ve got 10 statuettes that look like Oscars®.
Three in the shape of stars – they make great paperweights – and the rest are certificates with
varying degrees of ornate borders. Don’t get me wrong, I like seeing my name engraved for
posterity and beautifully handwritten in cursive. However, as someone who once judged an
award show, I was appalled by some of my colleagues who felt that every category of
advertising needed to have a winner regardless of merit.

As far as I’m concerned, the best rewards for my work are sales for my clients and respect for
the creative process of turning a marketing strategy into a compelling advertisement.
If it were
easy, everyone would be doing it.

Having now somewhat debunked the advertising award process, I proudly list my
Numerous Telly Awards, Lulu Awards, AAF Best In The West Awards, Mobius Advertising Awards,
International Film & Television Festival Awards Of New York, and Radio Mercury Awards.