If our paths have crossed, you know I’m a good, fast, and professional Creative
Director/Copywriter. If they haven’t, you need to know I can be your one source for
freelance concepts and copy or a resource that can assemble a team to take your
project all the way through production. I’ve been responsible for television spots and
campaigns ranging in budgets from $1,500 to well over $1,000,000. I’ve worked with
TV, film, and sports celebrities, union and non-union actors, and voiceover talent.
Although I‘ve spent many years working on automotive accounts, my client list is
indicative of the diversity of my experience. My work has run nationally, regionally,
and locally.

I grew up in Brooklyn and have worked in New York City, Los Angeles, and Grand
Rapids, Michigan. While people living in different cities differ in some ways, they are
all consumers at heart, with very similar wants, needs, and habits.

I never met a New Yorker, Los Angeleno, or Grand Rapidian who didn’t think the best
way to eat an Oreo was by first dipping it in milk.