"Dam Break"
"Space Heater"
"Mission 1"
"Mission 2"
"Swimming Pool"
Alouette  "Argument"
"Good Dries"
"New Kid"
Ah radio, 60 seconds of unbridled creativity,
painting pictures with words. It’s the most fun
a copywriter can have with their clothes on,
I got paid to do it. Kudos to Pulver Gas for
letting this campaign run for years. Here are a
few samples.  Just click on the orange arrow to
start a sample.
I created Frank (smart boss) and
Lenny (not-so- smart employee) as
foils for my client’s superior phone
book. SMABO UTMOB emblazoned
coffee mugs have become collectibles
in Milwaukee. Two-part radio spots are
pretty rare as well.